The main floor is home to Expedition Cafe. From the cool comfort of the indoor seating to the picnic tables outside with moveable shade cover, you can sit back and take in the breathtaking scenery before you.
The small village across the river, the dragon boats, the fishermen, and the mountains make for a constantly changing landscape and a wonderful way to relax and contemplate the specialness of this area.
Our staff is excited to have you here and will provide you with the best service possible. We are also happy to share information with you and tell you stories. You can also take the opportunity to practice your Vietnamese with our staff if you’d like!

We have endeavored to create a family atmosphere and you, as our guest, are a huge part of that. Apart from the atmosphere, Expedition Cafe also offers the freshest culinary delights. Our menu is small and simple but you can be assured that each dish is prepared with care, using only local ingredients.

We love hosting special events and are able to feed up to 75 people at a time in an efficient and professional manner. If you have an event that you want to celebrate, we would be happy to plan a special menu with you that can include many local specialty dishes. We are also able to order birthday cakes (Vietnamese or western style). Please let us know in advance if you have a particularly large group or if you’d like to celebrate a special occasion with us so that we can prepare accordingly.

Opening Hours

Everyday: 7am – 10pm


+84 (0) 523677680
[email protected]